About the New South Cruisers

        The New South Cruisers (NSC's) were established on August 12, 2008 by a group of automobile enthusiasts who saw the need for an organization truly dedicated to the hobby they loved so much. The ownership, restoration, and preservation of all types of automobiles as well as teaching about their history and future were core ideals the organization sprang up around.

        All of the members of the NSC's are the embodiment of the philosophy that car shows are just as much about paying tribute to the thousands of automobiles and the people who engineered them; as they are to giving back to the community and providing a safe haven for fun, fellowship, and learning. It was with this central idea in mind that the NSC's set out to obtain 501(c) 3 status so they could build a future centered around the community. The NSC's status as a non-profit charitable organization was granted on August 21, 2009. With this new status a scholarship fund was immediately put into place for students in the Automotive Program at Wallace Community College in Dothan, AL.

        The NSC's host many car shows and other events every year as they continue to push the boundaries and blur the lines between what is traditionally known as a car show, and what is truly a community event. The NSC's appreciate and encourage any feedback from the community about the nature of the shows hosted, as well as ideas to make the events even more enjoyable; and of course is always looking for new members who share their love of community and cars. For more information about joining please see the "Membership" page.

If you would like to contact the New South Cruisers we may be reached at: